Connecting to the Stm8sDiscovery

In order to connect to the stm8sdiscovery you will need some leads, the connectors you will need are 2.54mm (0.1inch) molex connectors. You can get Housings and crimp sockets but I've not found any ready made leads to date. Here is a link to the molex catalogue.

Fortunately there are some alternatives which you may have already salvaged from old computers.

Internal CD-ROM to soundcard audio lead

Single row 1x4 connections

These are still on sale for a quid or two.


Internal USB to USB Case Lead

Single row 1x5 connections

Again these are on sale for a quid or two.

Internal DB9 COM Port Backplate Connector

These are 10 pin , 2x5 to IDC ribbon cable

You often find these in old computers.

Internal USB Connector to back plate.

These are 1x5 connectors , you may have ones with 2 usb connectors

Floppy Drive Cable

IDE Hard Drive Cable

Both the floppy drive and ide hard drive cables are to long but will fit and hang over the board edges, only CN1 , CN2 and CN3 are usable , CN4 is blocked the power selector header pins.

Stm8s Discovery board with 3x Floppy leads connected to the header pins.

Connectors salvaged from old computer cases

If you have an old computer your going to junk then you can cut the wires of the case to motherboard connector's and get some 1 way , 2 way 3 way and 4 way single leads depending on the case.

The speaker cables are good as you can cut them up (2 middle wires are missing) and use them as single leads. Also the 3 pin plugs for the fans will fit if filed down slightly.