Header Pinout Description

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CN1 contains 6 GPIO's PA1 to PA6 as well as digital and IO power and the reset line, PA1 and PA2 are also oscin and oscout. The other Port A 3-6 have no alternate function.

CN2 contains the four timer 1 channels as well as the SPI interface and 2 GPIO's PG0,PG1 that have no alternate function.

CN3 contains the 10 ADC channels and analogue power and analogue ground.

CN4 contains the UART TX/RX , I2C interface as well as the Timer 2 and 3 Channels, TIM1_CH4 is available as an alternate IO on PD7 as well as PC4 on header CN2. PD2 alternate functions are TIM2_CH3 or TIM3_CH1 so only one can be used at a time.