High Adventure with the Stm8 Assembler

The ST Visual Develop package contains a fully functional assembler linker. While there are plenty of examples in C from the ST website they tend to make use of library code and don't touch the hardware at a low level, If you want to find out about the hardware capabilities of the STM8s then assembler is the way to go.

Well it turns out there is not so much in the way of help or example code in the use of the assembler, the only demo application is for the st7 and not at all relevant to us, so from here on in i will detail my own adventures with the stm8sdiscovery board in assembler.

What you need to follow this trail of adventure ...
You will also probably want to reference these documents:   
What was the simplest thing I could do to start ? The obvious thing at least for me would be to blink the on board LED for an easy first task.

So here we go with Getting started with the blinking LED